Bombs and misdemeanors

New years eve – time of parties, frantic SMS-ing and use of low-yield explosives by untrained teenagers with bad moustaches. Its a mite odd that in a country like Sweden – where everything the slightest bit dangerous and/or fun (booze, drugs, salt and vinegar crisps) is prohibited – that a kid can walk into a shop and emerge with enough gunpowder to blow bits off his own body.
You can’t buy a decent headache pill in an average shop, for fuck’s sake, but you CAN buy the MCX-16 Multi-warhead Dog-blender and set it off in your garden while drunk. This is a classic example of placing blame on the wrong things (drugs! I said DRUGS!) and not where it belongs – i.e., recognizing and changing laws and traditions that are stupid.
I have no problem in admitting that many traditions are stupid. I can even admit that most cultures (including my own) are, in one way or another, stupid. Democracy and respect and whatever is all fine and good, but if something is stupid then that is what it is – STUPID. And its about time that somebody pointed it out.

And to get me into more trouble, here are some things that are stupid:

  • Golf
  • Dogs
  • Cars
  • Politicians
  • Stilettos
  • That you can’t get a Spicy Beanburger in Burger King in Sweden – a scandal!

And finally, before somebody puts a MCX-16 Multi-warhead Dog-blender through my letterbox – a big thanks to Mr. Hoffe, his kind girlfriend and their energetic cat for a fine new years party.


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