Pointless Babble No. 1

Today I passed some exams. Now there’s a temporary thrill – to have succeeded at something that has no other value except for the success itself. It does not make me more or less better at what I do, or as a person, or as a shag-machine, nor more likely to help old ladies across the street.

Although last week I did help an old lady across the street. Really. Actually it was mostly her idea. And it was up a hill, not across the street. She grabbed my arm without asking and held on while I dragged the both of us to safety. Altruism, huh? You can’t beat it.

H (6) started back at school today. He was a bit worried but I gave him a matchbox with some fake blood and showed him how to pretend his finger had been cut off. And that cheered him up immensely. Nothing brings a smile to a kid’s face like the prospect of grossing out his contempariaries.

PLING – there, now my croissants are done. Yummy.

/ paddy

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