Hair In Strange Places

I read an article in the Guardian about women and body hair. This topic has always struck me as very strange. There are lots of people out there who talk and talk about “natural” things as being good – natural food, natural birth, natural energy fields (hello to all new-age losers…) – and yet see no problem with shaving off what nature has created over millions of years.

So what the hell is wrong with body-hair on women? I don’t get it, not at all. A woman’s body hair is a part of her, like her liver and middle toe, so why is it so offensive and evil? To be very honest, I like a chick with bushy 70’s armpits, or hairy (instead of prickly) legs, or a nice luxurious hairy muff (all the Swedes can search Google for a translation of muff).

In the Guardian article it talks about the latest craze in the US – waxing your nose-hairs, for fuck’s sake! Just how sad and stupid could people possibly be?

So a note to all women – I don’t think that most men give a shit about how much hair is on display on your body (and the ones that do are sad macho assholes and should be avoided). So quit complaining about all the shaving you “have to” do. If you shave, it’s your own fucking choice and your own fucking problem. Most of us men are just happy if you are smart, funny, caring and a good shag, and don’t really give a shit what’s under your armpits.

/ paddy

One thought on “Hair In Strange Places

  1. OMG!!! I love the fact that someone finally said it! I personally do not shave on a regular basis and my husband could care less. The hair on your body is natural and funtional. I think it is absolutely fuckin fantastic that a man will admit to it…. Just for the record I am a very caring and loving woman, who also just happens to be a great shag too!

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