500 Calories (more or less)

Today I ran. Indoors, unfortunately, since it is winter (go and have a look…) and M. has kindly given me a free months gym membership. So I staggered along on one of those treadmills and “ran” in place for a while. And oh shit, it’s so boring! I mean, very boring. Nothing moves except my legs and ass, and my arms if I am feeling especially lively. Then I have to watch bad TV while running because I am too cheap to buy an MP3 player, as well as watch all those beautiful people doing things with weights that I could never manage.

When I lived in town (Hornstull, to be exact) I had Stockholm’s best jogging track outside my door. 10 km around Södermalm, winter or summer, a joy to behold! But now, since moving to the suburbs, it’s a choice between the gym or the Dark Forest filled with snakes and bears and teenagers.

Well at least I burned 467 calories and maxed out my heart at 193 beats per minute. I then proceeded to re-insert those calories with a nice lively frothy beer at The Bishop’s Arms and a late dinner consisting of at least four things that I fried. Well, what else is the point of training if not to eat chips and eggs?

/ paddy


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