American Loser

I just saw the American Idol 2005 auditions on TV. I laughed so much I almost swallowed an apple. Jesus H. Christ, what a pack of losers. Don’t these people have a single friend who can break the news that they have no talent whatsoever? Idiots.

And then all those ugly, overweight people. I have nothing against ugly or over-weight people (having once been both), but shit, American Idol is about being a pop star. A POP STAR! And here is how a pop star is- good-looking, thin and talented. I’m not saying it’s good or proper to judge people by these standards, but if you try and be a pop star and you are NOT good-looking, thin or talented, then you don’t have a chance. It’s like trying to be a weightlifter if you don’t have any muscles. Or a footballer if you only have one leg. It’s not going to happen!

Rock stars can look how they want, if they are talented. Or soul singers. Or classic pianists. But a pop star has to look like a pop star. Am I making myself clear here..? You can have all the confidence and energy in the world, but if you are crap, my friend, then you are crap. End of story – pack up and go home. The plain truth is that everybody does not have a talent. Some people are just mediocre, so get used to it.

And, to summarise:

Figure 1: “Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful”

/ paddy


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