Left, right and that other one

Yesterday I helped D to move. All went well until he made 2 mistakes –

1) He drove the moving truck into a tight space between 2 buildings where they was a lot of snow.
2) He listened to my directions when trying to get out.

This resulted in us grinding the moving truck gently against the side of a building and becoming stuck in the snow. In the end, after much manoeuvring, swearing and pushing (yes, pushing…) we got the bastard truck free and got ourselves home, but only after the gears on the truck jammed, the engine overheated and we practically blew the thing up.

So what conclusions can we draw from this? First of all, never believe me when it comes to directions. I could not direct a rabbit out of a hole. I could not find a very large building in a very small city unless I have been there at least 20 times. I have been led to interesting parts of Stockholm and then never found them again, despite hours of searching. The universe around me folds into interesting and original geometries and causes me to wander in circles, hopelessly lost, with my tongue sticking ever-so-slightly out of my mouth.

And second of all, when you move flat, always use a helicopter.

/ paddy

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