S. A. D.

H, who is almost 7, is scared of going to school. Terrified, you might say; although actually more terrified about leaving his mum or me than about being in school. He cries, has stomach aches and can’t sleep. After some Internet searching, I found he is suffering from Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD – who makes up these dumb names..?). Here are the symptoms of SAD. A kid with SAD will:

  • feel unsafe staying in a room by themselves
  • display clinging behavior
  • display excessive worry and fear about parents or about harm to themselves
  • shadow the mother or father around the house
  • have difficulty going to sleep
  • have exaggerated, unrealistic fears of animals, monster, burglars
  • fear being alone in the dark

Which all fit H’s behaviour perfectly. The thing they don’t tell you is what to do. And the “How to raise a child” manual we got when H was born didn’t cover this…

Now, when I went to school in good old Ireland, the choices were simpler – get your lazy ass to school or get your lazy ass to school with the application of a heavy boot to it. Cruel, but effective. And how many of my countrymen have mental problems after this treatment? Why, hardly any – not more than 50%, anyway.

So I need advice. Has anybody out there had a similar problem with their kids? And what the hell do you do? Any information or ideas are appreciated, even stupid ones.

/ paddy

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