I am a student. I have been a student before, back in the 90s, and I guess I got a taste for it. Back then it was a piece of piss – study, eat noodles, watch shitty TV and artsy french movies and feel sorry for yourself.

I passed the exams, back in 1993. I did quite well, actually, and then forgot most of what I had “learned” in about a week. As you do. But now I am back in school, sitting in large rooms with people I barely know, panicking about projects and essays that aren’t actually important, and pondering the physics and mechanics of my classmate’s breasts.

I can afford to stop working and be a student for one year because I sold an appartment for a profit. I could have blown the money on a holiday, or on original Star Wars figures from 1977, or breast implants, but instead I decided to sit in a room with a bunch of other people and learn about steam cycles and ventilation systems and the finer points of building a wind turbine.

And you know what – studying is watsed on the young! They don’t appreciate it, not at all. It takes 8 or 9 years of working, of listening to project leaders talk shite and customers who have shit for brains, to realise that being a student is soft. Really soft. Work when you want, copy other peoples work, show up when you feel like it, get lots of interesting new friends…and the sleeping in. Ohhh, the sleeping in – “I should really get up and go to that class, but, you know…snooze…”

Everybody, get your ass back to school. I can heartily recommend it.

/ paddy

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