Burn Down The Disco

Trains. Late. Assholes. A quick summary of most mornings in Stockholm.

The local commuter trains in Stockholm are always late. I don’t mean late occasionally, I mean in the last few weeks they are ALWAYS late. We sit in cold stations while the guy over the loudspeaker gives garbled and pathetic excuses about why his company bites dick.

And in the meantime, while their service doesn’t work, we are expected to keep buying travel cards and keep showing them when asked. Excuse me…why? Why do I show you my travel card, you sad excuse for a human, when your service DOES NOT WORK? Why do I continue paying full price for a fucking travel card when I am always late?

Here’s what to do. If asked to show our travel cards on a day when the trains are late (which is most days) we say the following – “Screw you. You fix the trains, I show you my card. No service, no show. Now fuck off and get a real job.”

It doesn’t help the situation one little bit to be rude to people, but it will make us all feel a great deal better.

/ paddy


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