Today, yesterday and the day before, I travelled to Finland with a group of Engineers. We looked at engines. We ate too much food. We laughed at bad jokes about filters, pistons and boilers.

And we saw Finland. I’m sorry to say I cannot recommend it. I’ll just say one thing – we stopped at a roadside cafe that had 15 different kinds of beer, 20 different kinds of crisps, but no fruit whatsoever. I don’t want to judge a country by its fruit content…but there you go.

Maybe I’ll go back and see it in the summer, when everybody says it is more pretty. Or maybe not.

/ paddy


One thought on “Finland

  1. […] The problem is I am very interested in learning things, but not so interested in the whole getting-the-paper part. During my one-year return to school I learned about alternative energy, steam engines, gas turbines, solar power and all manner of energy production (or, more properly, conversion). I also leanred that Thursday in Sweden means pea soup, and that Finland is not a country in which to buy fruit. […]

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