Shagging In Perfect Silence

Today, on the metro, I saw a couple arguing using sign language. I could see it was an argument because they looked very pissed off and were waving their hands about. They were also talking at the same time, which I guess is easy to do if you are not being interrupted by somebody else’s voice.

Once I was worked in a bar/nightclub in Dublin. My job was to be driven around the city and pop into any bars and distribute leaflets for the nightclub. This job was interesting, encouraged me to wear dodgy shirts and make-up and allowed me to meet girls who wore far too much black.

Anyway, I went into one bar and walked into the big room at the back, and into complete silence. Everybody was standing around signing to each other. I had wandered into a big night out for the local deaf-person’s organisation, who had their school around the corner. It was a very odd feeling, being in a place where people were drinking and having a good time, in complete and utter silence.

I dropped the leaflets and got out of there quickly. As you would.

This story doesn’t really have a point. So I’ll stop here. Go on now, go do something useful.

/ paddy

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