Jesus and Other Prophets

I stumbled across an article in the Swedish newspapers that discusses the Mohammed-images scandal. It turns out that the same hick newspaper that first published the images turned down similar comical images of Jesus a few years back.

Christoffer Zieler, who drew the satirical Jesus pictures, quotes the editor as saying that “I don’t think our readers would find them funny. In fact I think it would case a scandal. So I won’t be using them.”

And this is the same stupid redneck newspaper that has set the world ablaze with their “freedom of the press” bollox about the Mohammed images. And now they are sitting there, safe in the arse-end of Denmark while buildings burn down and people die so that they could express their “freedom”. Every white politician in Europe jumps to protect this idiot newspaper who dared to make a stand against the dastardly Muslims but who were not prepared to do the same thing about good old Jesus, in case it insulted the old ladies who placed their contact ads and sent in their tips about removing wine stains from the carpet with fucking peanut-butter.

So if the assholes at Jyllands-Postens care so damned much about making a stand for freedom of the press, then let them take a plane to Damascus and stand there, waving their little Danish flag and whimpering about their “freedom”, and see how long they last in the big bloody mess that they brought on all of us.

/ paddy

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