Small Pieces of Cats

My friend D is allergic to cats. I knew this, but when he found himself without a place to live, I thought it was a good idea to offer him M’s flat, since she lives with me most of the time anyway…

A few days after moving in, despite no cats having been in the flat for 8 months – and despite frantic cleaning and vacuuming – D got an allergic reaction. Bits of his body swelled up, bits he used every day – not good.

So it seems that D has to move out. The worse part is that he may have to leave Stockholm to find a temporary place to live while sorting out his complex life. This removes one of my best friends from Stockholm, a friend who can usually be relied upon to come out for a beer and moral support when required.

I hope the situation works out. It’s not easy get new friends after 30. As Seinfeld put it – “The club is full. We are no longer accepting applications.”

There’s always those personal ads – “Companion wanted for walks in the country and the occasional tea and scones.” As the years go by, they look more and more interesting…

/ paddy


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