Penis Trouble

Warning – the following blog contains details about my penis. If you are of a sensitive nature, you should go and read something else. Perhaps a nice Christian site or something. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk…

Red spot at night, shepherd’s delight. But red spot under penis…not as popular. So after some prodding from M, I ventured to the Vårdcentral (health centre) and got in line. You get in line a lot in Sweden.

I met a friendly nurse – a nurse! – who was thankfully too old to be very attractive and cause any unfortunate stirrings in those regions. So I explained the problem – red spot, a bit sore, itchy.

“Well then, lets have a look, shall we?”

So there I was, 34 years old, sitting in a small room with an older lady who wanted to see my dick. I produced the dick, as required, and the lady stared for about 0.6 seconds.

“Fungal infection”, she said, nodding. “Just use this cream, it’ll go away soon.”

Relieved like never before, I put away the penis, took the cream, thanked her in an embarrassed way, and hurried out of there with my hood pulled tightly around my face. A close escape.

The moral of the story – say no to drugs, and keep your genital fungus under control or you may have to one day whip it out in front of a middle-aged lady.

/ paddy


4 thoughts on “Penis Trouble

  1. Is everyone too afraid to comment on this post?

    And I agree and adding: Stay the fuck out of trouble (and this means unprotected humping), and if you do it, and you do it right, you don’t have to sit in a line somewhere hoping you havent caught anything exotic and strange.

  2. ullis: What the hell are you doing, reading all the way down here?!? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the first person to red this post… Back in 2005 I wasn’t getting that many hits.

    But anyway, Candida isn’t really as infection, just when your natural genital fungus and your partners don’t get on with each other. It’s quite common.

    And yes, sorry mum, no more unprotected humping…

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