Sport Must Die

Sport. Is there anything as pointless, anything that sucks up so much time and money and effort, as sport? Is there anything this fills more hours on TV and pages in newspapers than the deranged babbling of sports-people and “professional” commentators?

Sport is pointless. Let me repeat that – pointless. And what’s more, sport is not news. If two teams come together in a game, then we can be fairly sure that one of them will win. This is not news, people. Even if it is a tie, it is still NOT NEWS! It is manufactured trite. It is suck-money-from-the-stupid-people manipulation. But news it is most definitely not.

I just watched some Swede on the news ski past a finish line, while some announcers were practically having a crap live on TV. “She’s going to do it! Oh my God, it’s amazing! Unbelievable! Who would thought that-”

Unbelievable is actually the word I would use. Unbelievable that people consider this to be interesting; that people think it matters. Let me clear it up – it doesn’t matter! It makes no fucking difference if one gang of idiots beat another gang of idiots at some ridiculous game. It matters not a whit how many hundredths of a second some guy ran faster than some other guy. The world will keep turning no matter if some millionaire teenagers can put a ball past another millionaire teenager or not. Sport is pointless, sad and idiotic – it is trivia completely out of control.

And please God – I’m on my knees, here! – please let me never see another sport “star” being interviewed on TV. God those people are dull, and I mean DULL. “Yeah, it was a tough game/race/bout, but we kept it up, and we trained hard, and we kept going, and we did it in the end!” These are the same assholes who beat us up at school, took all the good chicks, and got moustaches while the rest of us were counting pubic hairs. They are stupid, and evil, and they must be stopped.

So please, give me real news – earthquakes, riots, collapsing buildings, whatever, I’m not fussy – and not one more jaunty git with a wide tie pouring out moronic “facts” in an determined effort to bury us all in idiocy, while keeping himself on the TV and increasing his chances of getting something wet and succulent on the weekend.

/ paddy


8 thoughts on “Sport Must Die

  1. This is exactly how I feel. Thank you.
    Fitness is important in developed countries to maintain health and quality of life. But professional sports, no thanks. Especially watching genetically gifted men and women all roided up competing against each other while onlookers who will never be as good as them sip beer and watch TV as they get fatter.

  2. I am the father of 6 active children, all of whom I have coached in one sport or another. I,ve been A sports fanatic all my life. But professional sports now make me sick. I can not afford them!! After the mortgage,groceries, car payments, utilities, insurance…………., my vehicle is always on empty. I have actually gone bottle, can hunting to get money for gas. Our economy is crumbling , the common worker is told he earns too much and needs to take a pay cut. yet professional athletes make millions. For me a trip to a major pro sporting event with a couple of my children would just mean more credit card debt. NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I was having this exact same discussion with my nephew yesterday. What you haven’t even mentioned is the irrevocable damage the training for professional sports can bring to children. Their lives wasted away to chip off a few microseconds from some meaningless record… All to make their parents proud.

    Sports are there to keep the masses entertained, nothing more. Ever notice how people will say ‘We won!’ if their team wins, but they will say ‘They lost!’ when they have lost? Little psychology for you there, courtesy of R. Cialdini. People want to associate themselves with successful things.

    Following this logic, sport fans are usually people with a low self-esteem who are not very successful in life and therefore want to tag along with the success of someone or something else, however vague the connection may be. Pathetic, really…

  4. Totally agree! SPORT is POINTLESS, LAME, WASTEFUL!
    Sport costs the society so much! People watch sports and not do productive things
    Sport hurts the environment! The people fly to this and that area just to play or watch sport produce so much carbon!

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