Democracy isn’t perfect…

…but it’s a lot better than what we have now.

I am getting very tired of hearing people harp on about democracy all the time. As if it’s the only political system that ever worked and the only one that ever would work. You know what I mean – every time the US, for example, slaps some bombs into a school or marketplace in one of those loser countries, they can always get away with it by claiming to be “bringing democracy to the country”.

There are a lot of good points with democracy. I’m sure if I ask somebody who lives in a dictatorship, I could find a lot more. But there are also 3 central problems –

1) You can only vote for the people that go forward, and these people are almost always assholes. I know that, in theory, you can vote for anybody, but when has that actually worked?

2) Elected politicians think only as far as the next election. Long-term decisions for them means 4 years at the most. And if they screw up, well then they can retire and get a fat pension. It would be a lot better to force them to run their full term and remove a finger for each time they fuck up. That would sharpen their minds wonderfully.

3) People are stupid – and this is the central problem with “letting the people decide.” The people, I’m afraid, are dumb as shit, and there appears to be no easy way around this, not as long as we are surrounded by a culture that activley encourages and rewards stupidity (and other sports).

So then, anybody want to vote for me..?

/ paddy

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