Friday, Snow, 06

Hmmm. Still snowing here. Where will it all end..?

Yesterday had a very, very boring “meeting” for a project course in school. The whole point of the course is about how to work in a group with other people, and how to find ways to amuse yourself while sitting quite still for 2 hours, saying “I agree” occasionally.

Then went to bar with some people. Then went for falafel. Then went to another bar (Bishop’s Arms, still top of my Stockholm bar list. Great beer, nice staff, a classic stop-for-a-quick-one-on-the-way-home-from-work kind of bar). Talked to friend M…m who will move to Cambodia with his family because his wife got a good job there. Nice – an exotic place for me to visit next winter!

Now then…saturday: study; have lunch; go to town; meet big D for coffee; go to job and use their printer for free; go home and watch more Battlestar Galactica from my NEW DVD BOX that came on thursday! Wow…it’s superb, and that’s not just the nerd side of me talking. And don’t talk to me about fucking “Lost” and how fantastic it is. I despise TV shows that steal all of their ideas from SF and pretend to not have; to have come up with something “new” and “radical” and “different” while pretending that it has nothing at all to do with SF. Pathetic.

And while I’m on the topic…to all those people who say SF is stupid because it’s “unrealistic” or “it could never happen”, just how fucking likely is an episode of “Desperate Housewives”; or what or the chances that the latest “shocking” crime novel could ever, EVER actually take place? All fiction is made up, people; and all equally unlikely. Characters in “hard-hitting thrillers” can be, and usually are, just as flat and uninteresting as any stock character from a bad SF movie.

Oh, did I just get off the point again..?

/ paddy


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