Rules Of Ex

Today I saw an ex in town. I was standing near Zinkensdamm with big D, waiting to take out money, and she walked past. She saw me – and I saw her – and I knew that she saw me, and she knew I saw her, and she knew that I knew…and so on and so forth.

And she ignored me. Looked away, and kept walking. This was pretty rich for a chick that had dumped me, and by e-mail. I’ll repeat that, in case anybody did not hear – Åse B. dumped me by e-mail. Not the best way to do it, really. Not at all.

But I don’t get it – why ignore an ex? Why walk by and turn your head as if you did not notice? What’s wrong with a “Well helloooo, how are you? What’s up? Really? OK, see ya.” Just to show we are people, because we are all just people, you know. None of us are demons, not even those guys who hang around the SF Bookshop in their ankle-length black leather jackets.

It’s not like we saw each other for very long, Åse B. and me, but it’s still the polite thing to do. But wait…politeness is not a concept in Sweden. Saying “oh excuse me, I’m terribly sorry,” and somebody else saying back “oh, that’s quite all right, old chap, I’ve got nine other perfectly good fingers, don’t worry about it.” – no, it does not really exist here. It’s walk forward, head down, face cold and frozen, walk past old lady collapsed on sidewalk, step over child having epileptic attack and pretend ex. does not even exist.

Can’t we all just get along, huh? Just one big happy fucking family. Let’s just pretend.

/ paddy

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