Book Blues

Bugger…the bastards at Daw Books have refused my manuscript. I sent it off in November, and only now got the reply. A standard “your-book-stinks-and-you-have-the-talent-of-a-salmon” letter, with not even a signature.

This is to be expected. The market for Victorian-age SF is not exactly huge right now. But the big problem was sending the damned thing. Daw Books required me to send the entire manuscipt. This is a bit odd, as usually you send only the first 3 or 4 chapters and a synopsis, and they let you know if they want to see the rest.

But these guys…”Send the whole manuscript please.” Sending a book in manuscript format is a big fat pain in the ass. Doubled-spaced, single-sided, courier 12 point…an average novel clocks in at 400+ pages, and to send over 3 kilos of paper with the blood-sucking Swedish postal service cost me 330:- (over 40 dollars in global currency). And now it’s sitting in a garbage bin in New York.

Bastards. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board, find a new publisher, send it again. Hey, if anybody out there owns a publishing house and wants a kick-ass SF novel with lots of Victorian pseudo-science and impressive moustaches, then you know the man to call.

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Book Blues

  1. If there’s even a remote chance that I would enjoy it a tenth as much as I enjoy your rants in here, I’d buy it in a second! Is it out yet?

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