Bye Bye Laila

Oh, how nice for the Swedish ex-foreign minister Laila Freivalds, how very very nice. She is getting “punished” for screwing up one time too many – for ignoring the Tsunami when it happenned, and for various other messes. And what does her punishment consist of? Hard labour? A whipping? Having to go to free-form jazz concerts every day for a week?

No, her punishment is that she never has to work again, and gets a fat state pension every day until she dies. Oh, I bet that will teach her a lesson. And if she’s lucky, some of her political friends will pass a bill to increase their own pension in the near future, and then she’ll get even more! Not a bad reward for being the first Swedish minister in history to be fired TWICE.

To summarise: Politicians Suck Dick.

/ paddy

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