Google ate my brain

Really…this is REALLY dumb. I cannot, in fact, believe how dumb this is. I shake my head in despair, and start scanning the airline pages to GET ME OUT OF HERE.

It’s like this: There is a site where you can see what people are searching for on Google – a slice of contemporary culture, the Google Zeitgeist. For the US Google, the top ten hits are:

1. debra lafave
2. scarlett johansson
3. danica patrick
4. chicken little
5. paul dana

OK, I don’t know many of them, and in my opinion perhaps “Global warming” should be in there somewhere…but the interesting thing is that people in Sweden complain constantly about how stupid Americans are. I guess everybody in Europe does, it’s a sort of sport, like badger-baiting. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the Swedish top 10:

1. aftonbladet
2. blocket
3. soft
4. lexikon
5. hjärta
6. hjärtan
7. lunarstorm
8. expressen
9. alla hjärtans dag
10. paris hilton

Let us analyze…number one, aftonbladet, is the name of a very big Swedish newspaper. This newspapers site is, obviously enough: OR OR www.aftonbladet.whatever

The problem is – can’t people WORK THIS OUT FOR THEMSELVES?!? Numbers 2, 7and 8 are the same, sites you get to by simply adding .se or .com to the end.

Notice in the US list there is no example of this. Conclusion – the average Swede is dumber than the average American. If there is any other analysis that I am missing, which can explain why people here have shit for brains and can not add .com to a word in their browser, then I would love to know what it is.

And, God, ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW. We get the message!

/ paddy


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