Personal Books

I just stumbled onto an Internet site promoting “Personal Books”. You have probably heard of this concept – you get to insert your kid’s name into a pre-written story, as in:

“Page 4. PATRICK walked up to the big apple and tried to pick it. The cabbage fell on PATRICK’S head. ‘Ouch’, said PATRICK.”

For some reason, this is supposed to excite and interest the wee ones. “Oh look mum, my own name in a story! Whatever next?” These are the kids who play 3d computer games before they can walk, as well as online chat, and interactice learning, and THIS is supposed to interest them? Are we to believe that the kids of today have such little imagination that they have cannot identify with a character in a book unless it has their own name? And do we have to expose them to some half-assed gimmick story written by some C-list author who has as much chance of ever writing anything good as I have of becoming Patrick 1, King of Sweden?

Some examples of these terrible sites to tickle your fancy:

I think our kids will see this for what it is, a sad attempt to squeeze money out of dim-witted parents who believe everything they read, and probably have 4 sets of encyclopedias at home that have never NEVER been opened, not even to look at the rude pictures.

/ paddy


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