Survival Tips

Yesterday I decided, after months of inactivity, to get out running. So at 19:00, dressed only in a t-shirt and shorts in 5 degree air, I headed off into the nature reservation outside my appartment.

Then several mistakes followed, ending up in my getting lost in the middle of a forest, with almost no clothes at all, as the sun slid down and the temperature dropped close to zero.

I faced my mortality and realised that I has so much left to live for – potato waffles, for one thing – and stumbled into the only two other people in the whole forest. Luckily, these people gave me directions to freedom and I stumbled home, after 90 minutes, as blue as a nudist smurf.

So what have I learned from this experience? Nothing whatsoever! I would do the same thing tomorrow, as it is my right as an adult to put myself in danger where and when I feel like it. Isn’t modern life great?

/ paddy


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