Other people’s friends

Yesterday I went out for a mid-Easter drink or two with M and some friends of hers. In our company were 4 other people, one of whom I recognised. It turns out that the person I recognised both lived in my area AND was a friend of my ex’s who I had met on occasion in my previous life. Small world and all that.

Person number 2 had just broken her leg in Switzerland; person number 3 was possibly shagging person number 2, or was seriously thinking about it; while person number 4 was an older lady who had a room to rent out in her apartment. When informed that I had a friend (big D) who was desperately seeking accommodation, she said he could call her, but only if he was “left”. This means left in the political sense, not left-handed, although I think that he actually is left-handed, so he’s covered.

It seemed that her only criterion for choosing roommates was their political leaning. That struck me as a bit odd, as I know kind and decent people from across a lot of the political spectrum (although I must admit, the chances of finding a nice person on the far left side is vastly greater than finding one on the far right). Just because a person is “left” does not guarantee that they are easy to live with, as anybody who has bought Nescafe products, been to McDonalds or opened a can of tuna fish in the presence of left-leaning flatmates will quickly find out.

And – fact of the day! – the terms “left” and “right” come from the British Parliament in the 1700’s, when the Liberal (progressive) party sat on the left of the podium (on the left wing of the room) and the Tory (conservative) party sat on the right.

And – Oh! Oh! – I bought a bicycle! A big red one with 3 gears! Hurrah for spring!

/ paddy


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