My Hero

1) Carl Sagan. Yes he’s dead, and yes he’s a nerd, but WHAT a nerd. Carl is the High King of nerds, and the guy who got me interested in science, astronomy and all the rest of it. He also wrote an ass-kicking book against pseudo-science (astrology, new-age bollox, UFO abductions and so on). I kiss your cold dead lips, Carl – you are the man.


2) Trevor Bayliss, the dude who invented the wind-up radio. What a fucking fantastic idea! And he started the current craze for wind-up stuff, from torches to computers. About bloody time! As well as this, he looks like a proper inventor, moustache and all.


3) Emily Dickinson. She understood the whole point of poetry – love and death. Or, rather – being a bit sexually frustrated and death. And she showed a complete disregard for punctuation, wrote thousands of poems, none of which she published, and wore heavily starched clothes with a straight face. A hero by any standards.

4) Maddox. This man can bitch. Oh yes, he can bitch, and he can melt you with his sarcasm. And he defends us clear-thinking computer nerds against the stupidity of the modern world. AND he has penned the most fantastic piece about all those “cool” guys who used to push you around in school but are now just fat and pathetic losers: read it here. Some of the stuff I don’t really agree with, but even that stuff is at least funny and scathing. Read him, and prepare to be insulted.


So that’s it. I could probably think of more, but I am too tired, and have to get my sleep because I have to get up at 8 tomorrow and prepare for H’s 7-year party, where I will be baking the mother of all cakes for 20 hungry kids. May God have mercy on my soul.

/ paddy


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