A Triumph!

Incredible though it might seem, I survived a day with 20 7-year olds. We fed, watered and entertained the little tikes and did not have a single broken bone or weapon discharge. A successful party by any standard!

AND I surpassed myself by making my traditional annual birthday cake. See below:


Yes, I hear the sharp intakes of breath and mumbling, but I DID make it myself. Really. I mean, look at it, would you buy this in a shop..? After making 4 of these things over the last 4 years (robot; ninja turtle; spongebob) I must say I am getting the hang of rolling marzipan by now.

And the adults got some coffee and cheese-cake and got to bitch about the adults that were not there. As you do. A big sigh of relief until next year.

/ paddy

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