The Haga Dude

Eeeeek! Scary stuff…

Last month, a serial rapist was caught in Sweden, a guy who had committed maybe a dozens rapes (and should have his testicles removed and stir-fried, if you ask me, but that’s another story…).

Today, a newspaper printed yet another photo of the guy. Me and H (7 years and 3 days) spotted the newspaper in a shop and H said – “Hey dad, that guy looks like you.” And – you know what – he DOES look like me!!! And when asked, my girlfriend M agrees – “Well, I didn’t want to say anything, but yeah, he does.”

Now I know why all my friends have stopped returning my calls, and why I didn’t get the job at…

Those of you who have never seen me, take my word for it. And those that DO know me, please be so kind as to scroll down…



haga dude
See?!?!!? What did I tell you? He’s even got green eyes!!! And he’s the same age as me.

So why didn’t they call me for the line-up, huh?

/ paddy (wearing a hat these days…)


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