Bitch Bitch Bitch

People here complain a lot. Nothing odd about that, I suppose, since I complain more than most of them. But it is the WAY they complain that leads me to believe that people in Sweden do not have any idea at all how the rest of the world works.

Complaint Number 1 – School lunches. Everybody here goes on about how terrible their school lunches were, sometimes for decades after they last had one. The pasta was soggy…the bread was dry, blah blah blah, on and on like a Seinfeld episode. Allow me to point out that there are some countries in the world where we did not get ANY school lunch. Ireland, for example; we had to bring our own. I ate white bread sandwiches with jam every single day for 6 years, and ham sandwiches for the remaining 7. If I forgot to bring lunch, then I could possibly buy something at the school shop as long as it was chips, chocolate or cola, because that was all they had. Note: this was in the 70s, but my niece, who is going to the same school today that I did 30 years ago, STILL HAS TO BRING HER LUNCH WITH HER. Yes, after 30 years, there are STILL no school lunches in Ireland.

Complaint Number 2 – “It’s so hard to get a flat in the centre of Stockholm” Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Get a grip, and look around the rest of the fucking world. Just who can afford to live in the middle of the world’s major cities? Fucking rock stars, that’s who. Are you seriously suggesting that we give a flat in the middle of town to every 19-year old who wants one? Do like the rest of us – start with a flat way out in a shitty suburb and work your way up. It’s not hard – in Stockholm, you sit in an apartment queue for a few years and then they hand you a flat 20 minutes outside town – a rental but essentially your own for as long as you want it. The rents are reasonable; the standard extremely high; heating is included; you always have a laundry room in the basement; and if something is broke you ring and they send a beefy builder to put everything to rights again. In Dublin, to make a comparison, you pay whatever the market demands (which is a LOT), the standard ranges from fabulous to flea-pit, and they can throw your ass out whenever and why ever they fucking want. So I have no pity whatsoever for the moaning Swedish 19-year-old who can’t get a flat in town, and has the discomfort of taking the subway 20 minutes every morning to get her café latte. Welcome to fucking reality, kiddo.

/ paddy

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