Born-again Telephone

At last! A quest lasting months, if not years, has finally come to an end. I have found a ring signal for my telephone that sounds like a telephone. Not a funny animal, not an orchestra, not a deranged frog on amphetamine – but a telephone!

I cannot tell you how many hours I have scoured the Internet for a ring signal that was not shit. It was not easy – 99% of everything is shit, and for ring signals it seems this number is practically 100%.

Never in any area of human endeavour has there been so much shit created. People sit in rooms churning out one dire ring signal after another, telling us how great it is for the second-rate musicians who can make a living from this. Fuck them all, I say – let’s all go around to their houses, sit on their gardens and make irritating animal sounds while THEY are trying to work, and see how fucking much they like it.

So here is the oasis of calm I have found, a place for those who want their telephione to sound like a telephonw:

Bless them, they have saved my sanity. Now I just have to convince the remaining 2,999,999,999 mobile phone users in the world…My signal, by the way, is here and is called “1960s Trim Phone – Low”.

And I am the happiest boy in the world..!

/ paddy (frog-free zone)

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