The Protein Myth

Isn’t it great that you can believe something, and have believed it for years, and then find out that it is completely untrue? That the world has been lying its ass off, and that every person you have ever met is full of crap, including yourself?

The problem here is protein. As a vegetarian, you hear a lot about protein. “You don’t eat meat? But where do you get your protein?!?” When my ex was pregnant, we went to the prenatal clinic, and received a leaflet entitled “What you should eat” which suggested basically that she eat fish and meat and blood-pudding, and plenty of it. Upon enquiring of the health professional what a vegetarian was supposed to eat while pregnant, we received a funny look and the very helpful answer: “I have no idea.”

So now all vegetarians know the importance of “combining proteins”. Almost every health site on the Internet will admit that vegetarian diet is ok, but don’t forget to combine your proteins! And then they give you a list of what foods you must combine to get “full” protein. And it is a long list, and it is complicated.

The problem is that all of this is crap – utter and complete nonsense. The human body did not make it through 2 million years of hard times by refusing to use certain proteins because they were not “complete”. All amino acids taken into the body are stored in the blood and liver until they can be combined into “complete” protein. Our cells are not as stupid as we are, and they don’t watch as much TV.

As this article on the subject explains, there are NO cases of people in developed countries – who are not undernourished – suffering from lack of protein. In fact, by far the largest health problem these days is that people get far too much protein, but have we stopped advertising milk, eggs and meat? You bet your ass we haven’t.

I found this out just 2 hours ago, and I am amazed that I did not see through it until now. But what is the reason for this myth? Why have we believed something that is patently untrue for a great many years? Simple, really: because the industries that produce meat, eggs and milk want us to consume their products. Milk makes us strong; eggs make us swift like the wind; and fish makes us smart.

I propose that only one thing truly makes us smart, and that it is something we should all do a little more of: thinking.

/ paddy

2 thoughts on “The Protein Myth

  1. This is one horrible article sir. Your information is false and you are just a little sheep looking for a way to justify all vegetarian people. Go back to your pessimistic cave where you belong fowl beast.

    • What a really clever name you have. So, which parts of my information are wrong, and how? And give me some links to back it up. Because I’m sure you have that, right?

      Odds of this guy replying … slight.

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