Carola + Satan = True!

So much for the power of prayer!

Carola, the Swedish entry in the Euriovision, is a well-known and extremely annoying Christian. Despite being somewhat of a gay icon (as most ladies involved in the Eurovision tend to become) she has on several times come out in the press as anti-gay (as many Christians tend to become). On top of this, she has a very irritating voice, tiny beady little eyes, an ego the size of her ass and a brain the size of a walnut.

So I am sure that all the extreme Christians in Sweden were fervently praying that Carola would win the Eurovision and light the way for our Lord. However, the Lord saw an opportunity for irony and allowed a monstrous, satanic hard-rock group to win instead. Hah! Dark beats light, shadow swallows goodness and Satan spanks the Almighty’s ass.
Evil was always so much better at making art..

And for more about the power of prayer, have a look at this interesting scientific study which every evangelical Christian should be forced to read before their classes on evolution and critical thinking.
/ paddy

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