Today – a surreal experience of rather large proportions.

There was to be a kid’s football tournament, which H wanted to go to. It turned out that H’s mother was also going to be in the area, and I guess that was all right also. But THEN when we got to this tournament it turned out to be the Stockholm Leftist Football Spectacular, with teams representing the cities finest leftist newspapers and most of the red-and-black collectives.

It started to get surreal when some guys arrived, stripped to the waist, carrying enormous black flags, and red flags, and various combinations thereof. It continued to be surreal when communist songs were sung heartily by beer-drinking and muscular 20-year olds with more tattoos than I have ever seen in one place.

Now these people are all friendly and thoughtful, and are kind to their swarms of dread-locked children, and I have really nothing against leftist lifestylers. But I can’t help wondering – at what point in your life is it still embarrassing to be carrying on like this? To be gathering in groups and singing about crushing the man, or dismantling the state, and freeing us all from oppression? When is it time to stop blaming “the state” or “the system” for everything wrong in the world and in your own life, and using the word “comrade” in day-to-day conversation? And when should people stop believing everything they believed at 16, update their world-view with new evidence and realise that reality is filled with neither bad people nor good people, just sad and scared people?

But the people I know in these circles are, as I mentioned, mostly nice and kind and fair, so maybe I’m wrong and they are right. Maybe these post-modern hippies are all happier than me, with happier, healthier children and I am just a cynical old fellow with nothing better to write about in his blog than making fun of a peaceful and enjoyable day out with people who wish me no harm.

Or maybe I’m just jealous of all their tattoos.

/ paddy

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