NaCl + C2H4O2

Salt and Vinegar chips. Ah, how I miss those bad boys. One of the big downsides with this country is that in order to get hold of these things you have to either go to one of two specialist food shops, purchase them in English pubs for exorbitant prices, or get your mum to mail them over (like I do).

The Swedish chipmakers actually started making Salt and Vinegar a few years back, and for a while you could get them in average stores. Oh the joy, the rapture! And then, a year later, then stopped making them. The complete and utter bastards.

And I still wonder-why? Why did they stop?

The obvious reason seems to be that they weren’t selling. But personally I think that is bollox. Everybody I know here loved those damned things. How can you not, for Christ’s sake? What kind of flea-infested moron could not love chips with a scattering of sea salt and a luscious coating of vinegar?

And anyway, if you look around at what’s on the Swedish chip shelves, you see a multitude of dreadful flavours that nobody sane could possibly purchase. Such as:

  • Dill and Chives
  • Fresh Tsatziki
  • Sourcream and Onion
  • Cheese and fucking Parsley

Can there actually be people who LIKE cheese and parsley flavoured chips?  I absolutely refuse to believe it. I think it was some political deal, some way to keep foreigners out of Sweden. “Sure, they can come—but they won’t find any decent chips, hah!”

Lets get this straight once and for all: the chip universe rests upon 3 corner-stones, and they are:

  • Cheese and onion
  • Salt and vinegar
  • Some kind of barbeque flavour

Anything else is a barbarism, an atrocity and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Please, for the love of God, can’t the USA do the decent thing and invade Sweden so we can get some DECENT FOOD OVER HERE!!!

/ paddy


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