All New and Shiny

Humph. Never buy a pig in a bag or a horse in a sandwich…

It seems my new blog portal, liveJournal, is kind of crappy. As well as being ugly, it is tricky to use and I have to pay the buggers. In fact, I already did pay them 20 dollars…

A tip – before buying product or service X, go to Google and search for the words “X sucks”. If there are many, many hits, then do not buy said product or service.

Also liveJournal was acting up in strange ways, and some users were blocked accessing it because the site is logged as PORN is some filter systems. Weird…

So I have found a nice, simple, clean and friendly blog site, and here I will park myself for all of eternity.

Thanks to my fans (all 3 of you) for putting up with this extended move. But now I have found my true place in the scheme of things, and all my future updates will be here.

So let the good times roll!

/ paddy

One thought on “All New and Shiny

  1. Det har varit lite svårt att lämna kommentarer här, men jag gör ett försök idag igen bara för att se efter om det fastnar! Trevligt att du har hittat en bättre bloggportal:)

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