Hand To Mouth

I just watched a documentary (We Feed the World) about food production in Europe and the world. And one thing is certain—despite our prodigious brains, as a race we are pretty fucking stupid.

Some interesting facts were tossed out—about massive waste in the food industry, and insane transport of goods, and fanatical over-industrialisation.  Most interesting were the governments of Europe, claiming to be big fans of “globalisation” while at the same time handing over huge amounts of cash to their own fat and inefficient farmers to allow them to artificially market their bloated produce to a world that doesn’t want it.

Quite disturbing also was a long sequence following the 8-week life cycle in a chicken factory. Now this was a shiny new German chicken factory, where everything was as humane as it could be, and I’m sure the workers were on their best behaviour because of the camera team.  But still it was disturbing, following the chickens from a ball of yellow fluff to, eight weeks later, a shredded carcass hanging from some hooks after getting its head removed by rotating blades.

Now I’m not sorry for the chickens, mainly because they are just chickens and not very smart really. What I am sorry for is the effect that this has on us, on our claim to be civilised and thinking creatures, and–assuming we have them–the effect on our souls.  Is it reasonable to kill 50,000 chickens a day in a single building to feed a population that requires no further feeding, that every year wastes billions of dollars on diet products?

And then there were the Soya beans imported from Brazil, grown at huge ecological damage and mainly exported to Europe to feed cattle whose milk and meat we do not need.

And then, representing the other side, they brought on the high king of food, Mr. Nestle himself, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.  And this guy I could consider assassinating. I mean seriously, the man is a danger to himself and others. He sat there and discussed how fabulous it would be if we could privatise all the worlds’ water supplies, and that people only respect things that have a value.

Summary—well, I’m sorry to say it again, but it looks like if you want to have a part in saving the world, forget sorting your rubbish, using “green” electricity and taking your bike to work once a week. Just stop eating meat, keep away from Ryanair and buy only locally produced food even if it costs more. Because if you do these things, you will get your reward in paradise, where millions of virgin chickens and watermelons and tomatoes will be waiting for you, ready to do anything you require of them for all eternity.


/ paddy (100% free range)


2 thoughts on “Hand To Mouth

  1. Quite an observation. I DO feel sorry for the turkeys and chickens that are killed and eaten. They ARE G-D’s creatures that are similar to us. Just different body shapes and functional parts.

  2. You sir, have with your second paragraf made me, to not view Mr. Nestle as a fellow human being, at least when I speak of him. Then again… he goes down, and away goes the food for all of us, sadly. I fear.


    The general message you tried to get through (purposely disregarding any sarcastic points intended) is all very good and true, but sadly, impossible with the standard of living we have today, but also the fact that we have to use eight fingers to count our current populace.
    This planet, no matter what god/deity/bored creator chose to make it be here, does not, and will never, have enough food and water to support the pink goo that is currently living on it.

    Alright. Rant stops here.

    In addition to that, I wish to add that I’ve recently started to read your blogs, and I take great amusement in them, since they are very true.

    Yes, this is yet another swede reading your works, and having various emotional outbursts as a result from it. I must say that I’ve enjoyed reading the few entries I’ve read so far.

    Now, enjoy your December month, and have a good new year, sir!

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