People = mad

As I mention above, people are fucking mad.

I have been looking around for a second-hand bicycle for M. who needs a bicycle and talks about having a bicycle but never fixes it, so I have to take it into my own hands.

Anyway…on Blocket (Swedish buy-and-sell site) I found the following ad, offering this magnificent piece of bicycle engineering for sale:


This formidable beast is described as a “renoveringsobjekt”, a phrase usually used for houses or apartments in need of building work. I have never seen it used for a bicycle before, but I can see the guy’s point–it is truly a piece of shit. Rusty, broken down, very old and punctured in BOTH wheels. Probably smells like rat-piss and motor oil also.

And the moron wants 650 Skr for it, which is about 60 Euro. A new bike can be obtained for about 130 Euro, and this guys expects us to pay half that for a piece of crap that requires hours of work and a pile of parts and cannot even be cycled home.

In fact, to help the guy along, me and M. have sent him a mail to point this out to him. As soon as he replies, I will let you all know what he said, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

/ paddy


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