Long Friday

Today, work, bored senseless. So I decided to spice up my day and send out some bizarre mails. To Metro, the world’s most popular free trashy newspaper, I sent the following question for them to print in their “Reader’s letters” section:

Swedish: “Jag undrar…Varför är det lagligt att fånga in djur, tvångsmata dem, döda och äta upp dem, medan det är helt förbuden att ha sex med djur, även om de vill det?”

English: “I wonder…Why is it legal to lock up animals, force-feed them, kill and eat them, but it is not permitted to have sex with them, even if they want to?”

Let’s see if they print it and I get some angry mails. Angry mails are always a laugh…

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Long Friday

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sweden does not criminalize sex with animals. We did actually used to have a death penalty on it, but since 1944 you’re free to make sweet loving to your sheep as long as you don’t hurt it.. In which case it’s considered animal cruelty, and is therefore illegal.


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