Hard News

I just have to write about this one—it’s great stuff!

On the Swedish TV news on Saturday one of the busy “oh-we-are-so-international” background TVs was caught showing a porno movie.


Apparently, or so the story goes, the studio staff had been watching “a sporting event” on that very TV before going on air (yeah, right…) and forgot to change away from the station Canal+, which also shows porn late at night.

Now this event is fall-down funny in itself, but two interesting extra facts surface if you poke around a bit, as I like to do—

1) CNN.com reports on it with the following headline – “Porn broadcast stuns news viewers”. And then they go on to say in the same article that there had been “no complaints from viewers”. How is this “stunning” them, exactly, when they aren’t even arsed to call in? CNN appears to believe that every country has the same “morality” problem as the US, where a slightly fuzzy porno movie would cause people to squirm and pray and gnash their teeth. Wrong country, buddy–the Swedes have other things to fret about, like the upcoming election, or where they will get their crayfish.

2) The above image of the aforementioned TV news broadcast with porno movie, strangely missing from the CNN report, can be found in the Swedish daily aftonbladet. And here’s the good part – if you right-click the image and do “save image as” you will see that the name of the picture is “ramAttack.jpg”. Heh heh heh…ram attack…now that’s funny.

/ paddy

2 thoughts on “Hard News

  1. I thought it was pretty amusing that the quote they chose to emphasize from the network head was “Det är fullständigt åt skogen. Vi ska inte bjuda på andra kanalers porrfilm vid en nyhetssändning” (This is terrible. We shouldn’t be giving away other channels porn during a newsbroadcast).. Seems like the concern should be the actual showing of porn during the news broadcast, not that they’re stealing it from other channels. :)
    Of course, this is Sweden, only the christians and feminazi’s care.. and well, who cares about them? Too bad I missed it though, would’ve been great.

  2. I agree…I do not like or agree with porn, but not for any “moral” reason. Many women (and even some men) are expolited by the porn industry, and “legitimate” porn is only a very tiny step away from prostitution and kiddy-porno. However, showing it on the news is just funny, and nothing else.

    And also I think its pathetic that so many men have so fucking little imagination that they can’t get it off unless they see other people at it. Whatever happened to fantasy? People today have lost the power to imagine, everything has to be delivered to them in a “real” format, and that’s really quite scary…

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