Red and Green and Blue

In Sweden it is very bad to tell people who you vote for. When people go to the voting station, most of them take a voting slip from EVERY party, to hide from prying eyes who they are really voting for. But, in all honesty, who cares? Why does it matter? Is the government recording everything with satellites and little tiny bugs? Does anybody give a shit that you are voting for one centre-right party instead of another one with precisely the same politics? I know I don’t.

I remember during the last election in Sweden, there was a joke party whose manifesto was based on only those things that all the other parties had in common. They did not really run, but it was an interesting point—what sets one bunch of lying egoists apart from another? The number of kick-backs they have received over the years? The size of their swelling life-long pensions? Or maybe the number of times they have bent over backwards to avoid responsibility and save their own arses?

Anyway, I am voting for the Greens. Did everybody hear me? FOR THE GREENS! Wait, I’ll open the window and stand on a chair—I AM VOTING FOR THE GREEEENS!!! I don’t care that they won’t win—the Greens never win, but out of a bunch of abject idiots, I will always pick the ones who pretend to believe in the things that I pretend to believe in.

Isn’t democracy great?

/ paddy

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