Swedish Politics August 2006

On the subject of politics…an intesesting poll in the big Swedish daily, DN. The question: which party do you like the least (a Swedish way of asking which party people hate the most)? The results:

(s)   13% (3662)
(m)   13% (3637)
(fp)   5% (1540)
(mp)   12% (3346)
(c)   2% (699)
(kd)   14% (4065)
(v)   40% (11417)

And to explain the data:

S=Social Democrats
FP=People’s Party
C=Centre Party
KD=Christian Democrats

The socialists are currently so unpopular thaks to their new completely uncharismatic leader, Lars Ohly, a man you want to slap every time you see him and his stupid smug grin, and who puts his foot directly in his mouth each time he opens it.

Personally I picked the Christian Democrats as the party I hate the most, and I hope they burn in hell, the self-righteous gits.

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Swedish Politics August 2006

  1. Yes, but I’m sure lots of people who aren’t right-wing (like me…) read the online edition – and note that the 2 and 4 most unpopular parties were both right-wing…

  2. I’ve always thought that this is the way that elections should actually work, vote for the party you hate the most – then the party with the least number of votes wins. Most of us can’t be arsed to choose which of the oh-so-similar parties to vote for, but we all tend to hate one or more party passionately – I bet voter turnout would increase!

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