Dimwits United

Isn’t it marvellous with football? Tonight a game in Stockholm was called off after some rough and tumble and somebody throwing “an object” at a linesman. And I personally was made late home by trainloads of drunken yobs singing, jumping and making everybody’s trip across Stockholm a sweaty and extended misery.

If this was a music concert, or a political demonstration, or any other fucking thing you can think of, it would have been cancelled and probably not allowed again in the future. Supporters have been known to die during violence at and after football games, and can you imagine any other public event where people die and the event continues regardless?

But no, this is FOOTBALL and football must proceed at all costs, because it is of the greatest importance to society at large which group of uniformed, over-paid wankers win a contest of skill involving some posts and a ball.

And then there is always this huge surprise every time it happens—oh my goodness, violence, and at a football game! Now THAT caught us off guard! Lets bring in more cops and throw more money at it and next time it will go better, we promise.

This doesn’t work. The reason: football fans are pea-brained fuck-heads. They will remain pea-brained fuck-heads until the end of time, and if you want to snuff out football violence, then you snuff out football. Full fucking stop.

I have commented on this before, and people wonder why I hate football so much. Well I don’t really dislike football; I feel for it the same way I feel for other games of skill such as poker or snooker or tiddlywinks. What I do dislike is the way that a whole city has to come to a standstill to allow hordes of sweaty Neanderthals a chance to swill beer, damage stuff and shout at each other.

Fuck off the lot of you and go hit each other in the privacy of your own back gardens where you can sing your fucking clever songs and wear your stupid jerseys until your stupid piggy eyes gleam with delight.

/ paddy


6 thoughts on “Dimwits United

  1. Why? Because it is pointless and we are all supposed to think it is so very very important. Which it isn’t. Its just a game bloated into a business.

    A better question would be: why SHOULDN’T I hate football..?

    So why don’t YOU hate football..?

  2. with my sense of disconnection, disaffection, fading looks and perspiration, i sometimes think football’s the only good thing i have left. i scored 2 goals with my left foot last thursday.

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