Disgusting Penetration

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for people.

Picture this: A Swedish political scandal! Usually these consist of somebody not declaring expenses, or accepting a pickled fish as a gift, or stealing sweets from a shop. But now the Swedish media are like sea-gulls around the Spanish fishing fleet, screaming and tearing bits of flesh from anything that moves.

You see, a long, long time ago (last year or thereabouts) a simple farm boy called Per Jodenius, a press secretary for the centre-right Peoples Party (Folkpartiet), was granted a magic name and password. These allowed him to pass into the legendary network of the Social Democrats, where lay piled high the e-mails, timetables and inane ponderings of hundreds of politicians and their minions.


Figure 1 – A Scapegoat

For many months Per Jodenius poked around, and undoubtedly passed sensitive information unto his lords and masters. Until yesterday, when he was discovered.

Never have you seen such righteous indignation. Social Democrat politicians are falling over themselves to appear hurt and offended and disappointed and all the rest of it. (Although they are probably most worried about the bad jokes and chain letters they had sent out over the last 8 months.)

And now the police are involved, as Sweden is 2 weeks from an election and this is all getting pretty serious. In fact, it could very possibly change the course of the election, as the left and right-centre blocks are currently running neck and neck.

Poor Per Jodenius. He was probably just doing his job, since this sensitive information was definitely being passed on to somebody – why would he bother otherwise, because the Social Democrats network is hardly a place you hang out in for your own amusement? And now he will be fired and punished and hung out to dry while everybody else around him pretends total ignorance.

And on other election news – the Greens politicians in Sweden are apparently the ones who drive the most broken-down, polluting cars. But I’m voting for them anyway. Hah!

/ paddy


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