Well I just saw Brokeback Mountain and I must say it dug a great big hole in me. It’s without a doubt the best movie I’ve seen all year.

You may know it as the “gay cowboy” movie, although both the cowboys and the gayness are beside the point. It’s a love story of epic proportions, at the same time joyful and staggeringly unhappy. It deals with how life can grind you down, how fear can make you hide, and how we are always happier in the the past than in the present.

Go and see it, basically. Or see it at home even. And now lets see what our friends over at thought about it:

Brokeback Mountain is a riveting film, with characters you can believe are real, many performances deserving of an Oscar, but Brokeback Mountain has an eternal flaw and that is that there was no redemption from the sin. It was pitiful that the characters were left with no way out, no forgiveness. They were fooled by the facade of freedom that sentenced them to sexual sin. Not knowing Christ died to set them free, free from the power of sin giving them a love for the law of The Spirit, which leads to Life! Enabling them to walk away from that mountain called sins and into the liberty of righteousness!” Moral Rating: Extremely Offensive

Well I hope you will all join me in saying “Fuck you up the ass, you great fat blob of Christian spite. I hope you fucking choke on your communion wafer.”


/ paddy

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