Guardians of something

More fantastically inane comments from Sweden’s police.

This story tells the sad tale of hedgehogs being skinned alive and crushed under rocks or used as footballs. The incredibly wise police dude that was consulted was paraphrased as follows: “We think that youngsters are behind it, but there are also other suspects.” In other words, a very complicated way of saying “we don’t have a fucking clue.”

This is on a par with the story a few months ago where a kid drove across a suburb of Stockholm in a stolen construction digger, thrashing everything in his path. Several people called the cops while the thing was happening, but they didn’t show up until afterwards, when the thing had been buried in a wall and the kid has pissed off home.

The cerebrally-challenged police person consulted said something in the following vein: “We are not sure, but we suspect he stole the machine from a building site.” Oh you think so, you fucking dimwit? I would have thought he got it free in a happy meal.

/ paddy

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