A Change of Head

You go to work in the morning, and the world seems a normal place. Then in the space of an hour people suddenly start detonating nuclear weapons, Swedish politicians are getting involved in low-key scandals and I get a new boss.

Just like that – they call a meeting, bring in a dude none of us have seen before and announce that this man (lets call him Hans…actually, that’s too much like his real name, which is Hans, so lets call him Dirk Diggler) is to be our boss.

Figure 1 -Dirk’s previous job

In the space of five minutes we are informed that, despite the fact that the old boss was still working and had years to go on the guarantee, this new guy had become a “partner” and would shortly be taking over. He has a background in something-or-other and has worked in IT for oh-so-very-long, and so is perfectly suited to jump into a small, very specialised company he knows almost nothing about and tell us all what to do.

Dammit – just when you work out how to manipulate everybody in management they wheel in a new guy. Well Hans (sorry – Dirk!) welcome to the roller-coaster ride of interactive learning and if you touch my chair, my special coffee mug or my recently increased wages I’ll have to give you a stern talking-to.

And an interesting thought – since the “new” boss has worked in the company zero time (he starts next month) and I have worked there 6 years, I am therefore infinitely more experienced that he is (as 6 divided by zero = infinity). But he has a white shirt and is a “partner” so I guess that’s all right then.

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “A Change of Head

  1. Hå. Sounds like fun…
    Hörde du förresten att min helveteschef inte ska vara så mycket chef längre? Yippiiieee!
    Häromdagen råkade jag nästan börja gråta av tristess/hopplöshet inför vår nye personalrekryteringsansvarige (som starkt ogillar min chef) som då frågade “men hur är det” varpå jag brast och svarade “jag behöver en ny chef!”. Han har börjat heja i korridorerna nu (gjorde han inte förut). Bra med nya allierade. Jag ska nämligen fortfarande vara chefens slav, jag måste alltså få hit någon ny med mer erfarenhet som jag kan börja jobba ihop med i stället!
    Hoppas du lyckas se till att din situation funkar…

  2. Ellala: It usually happens that if one person realises that the boss sucks, so does everybody else, but people don’t like to talk about it. That’s what fredags-öl is for!

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