Minister Soup

It’s just turning into a big old bubbly mess over here and I LOVE IT!

The newly formed government of the right-wing alliance (hereby known as The Alliance) have put their foot in it before they have even taken a step.


Figure 1 – Some scary-looking ministers, yesterday

Maria Borelius, the shiny new Trade Minister, has admitted that she paid her nanny under the table for many years in the 90s. This is not in itself so bad, as most people avoid paying tax in some way (even though few admit it) but what shot her in the foot was her explanation why she did it: “I couldn’t afford to pay her legally.”

This might be believable, except for the fact that the combined income of Ms. Borelius and her husband during the 90s was something like 17 million Swedish crowns (1.5 Million Euro). Hmmm…something’s starting to smell in here.

Moving on to the new Culture minister, with the entertaining name of Cecilia Stegö Chilò. She is in charge, amongst other things, of the state TV stations, so it came as a juicy surprise that this lady had not paid a TV license since 1990. Heh heh heh. This fact came out when her husband hurriedly applied for a TV license a few days ago, when they realised that the Culture minister stealing TV from the state might constitute a problem. They are so clever, rich people…

So now she’s paying back all the money and giving pathetic excuses while the country is baying for her blood. Oh yeah, that’s what I like to see, politicians with shit all over them.

And if this wasn’t enough, this morning the other lady of the moment, the aforementioned Maria Borelius, applied also to pay her TV license, it having slipped her mind until today. Hah once again! In fact, the TV license office mentioned that, on a normal day, 50 people or so apply to pay the license. However in the last few days there has been a rush with several hundred people rushing in their applications hoping to avoid getting caught up in “TV-nanny-gate”.

I wonder – if a Minister gets fired before ever performing any ministerial duties, do they still get their pension? Make some popcorn and wait and see…heh heh heh…

/ paddy


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