Minister Pie

Heh heh. Minister number 1 has been rumbled.


Figure 1: Two green minsiters hanging on the wall…

Maria Borelia was interviewed on TV a few days ago. The interviewer asked “so have you anything else you’re not telling us about?” To which Ms. Borelia answered “no.”

Of course the next day it came out about a summer house owned by a shady company registered in Jersey and some shares that were sold without paying tax. All of these things the minister had “forgotten” to mention. Oops.

So yesterday they cut her off, like an infected toe. No more minister. Her reign lasted 8 days, surely a record!

Now all eyes turn to the other minister, Ms. Stegosaurus. Without the sizeable shield of Ms. Borelia to draw fire, she is now exposed to the moral wrath of the nation. Will she survive? Tune in next time and all will be revealed!

/ paddy


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