The fun never ends…

So minister number 2, Ms. Stegosaurus, gets her walking papers.

Figure 1: Jackpot!

The new Swedish governemt has therefore lost 2 ministers in 8 days, a record by any standard. However the fact they were both forced to resign over rather minor things says more about the Swedish people’s naive view of politics and the ridiculous level of “ethics” they expect public officials to uphold than it does about the politicos themselves.

A note to the Swedish people – please remember that all politicians are scum. Some are only very slightly scum and some are extremely scum, but scum they all are. And to push this point home, Ms. Stegosaurus, having done nothing at all in her “post” as minister is nevertheless claiming her generous year’s redundancy pay, amounting to over a million Swedish crowns of taxpayer’s money. All for sitting on her oversized arse and looking dour for a total of 8 days.

Yeah yeah, politicians suck, tell me something I didn’t know…such as the fact that my broadband has been out for 5 days and I am starting to get the shakes…or that I went to the annual Swedish science-fiction conference at the weekend and talked crap in the bar with some famous sf writers…or that it will probably snow here tomorrow, signalling the beginning of 6 months of dark and cold.

The bears and hedgehogs have the right idea – put on ten kilos, crawl in a hole and wake up in March all thin and frisky. Where do I sign up..?

/ paddy


6 thoughts on “The fun never ends…

  1. My goodness, we’d have to fire the entire Irish government, and probably the opposition. Don’t the Swedes know how this is done – where are the tribunals for god sake! Costly, but they keep us entertained, and think of all the unemployed journalists we’d have otherwise. When enough shit finally sticks to Bertie Ahern to drag him down, maybe he could act as a consultant to the Swedish government on how to deal with this sort of thing!

  2. DrDan: Irish politicos know how to handle scandal – start an even larger scandal as distraction.

    Ronan: Form 176c – “I want to be a hedgehog” – is on its way to you!

    Lillan: No.

  3. Ja. Men jag blev jätteglad när kulturministern rök. Vill desperat ha en kulturminister som 1. Är intresserad av kultur (högsta prioritet), och 2. Vet om att hon/han även är idrottsminister (också ganska hög prioritet).
    Borde inte vara så jättesvårt va?
    Ska hålla ögonen öppna efter språkgranskarjobb. De har inte riktigt förstått vitsen med språkkunskaper i mitt företag dock (de kom inte ens på tanken att låta vår infödde tysk översätta/granska översättningen av tyska ritningar när det var aktuellt utan översatte ord för ord själva…. skandal!)
    Men som sagt. Och vi skulle behöva det…

  4. Ellala: Actually, I didn’t know that kulturministern was also idrottsminister…so I guess its lucky for Sweden that I can’t vote (yet…)

    I just hope we get a kulturminister one that isn’t A) Really really old or B) far too rich to have any connection to reality (like the last one…)

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