Poetry slam thank you ma’am

On Monday I went with big D., not-so-small H. and medium-sized F. to the Peoples Culture Centre (Folkkulturcentrum) on the cosy little Island of Skeppsholmen. I saw a lady and her band, by the name of “Lisa Lindal and the Luminol”.

Gosh and wow. Piano music played by somebody in tight black leather boots, a cross between Tom Waits and Tori Amos. I mean, seriously, how can you possibly go wrong with a cross between Tom fucking Waits and Tori fucking Amos? Well? Hmm? I don’t think so…

Next Monday is poetry slam night at this establishment, and I hatched a drunken plan to go along and join in and shout some of my poetry at the crowd. And for once, a drunken plan has remained viable in the cold light of morning, and I believe I will actually do it!  Now I just have to learn the poems properly and practise my posing and shouting.  Ideas are like bees…

And to finish off for tonight, what about a photgraph of a space shuttle launch as taken from orbit?


Figure 1: Wow….

 I knew you’d like that one.

/ paddy

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