Why God Exists

I’ve been wondering about this for a while but now I think I’ve worked it out. Why do otherwise reasonable people get down on their knees and promise to worship and obey something that probably does not exist – or at least cannot be proven to exist, which is very close to the same thing, if you ask me. Why are we encouraged to kneel and mumble and ask for forgiveness and show how unworthy we are? Are there any useful, practical reason why religions exists, other than for squeezing money out of gullible people?

The answer is simple: we are being trained to accept power. Religion is easy to sell to people—life after death, your dreams coming true, miracles and all the rest of it—and once people get used to the idea of obeying and worshipping something that isn’t there, then it is so much easier to get them to worship something that is there. And what usually is there is a man, a leader, a king, a priest; anybody that stands in for God, somebody you should obey and respect just because they say so.

If we are trained in obeying without thought, then we will do as we are told more easily. It is no coincidence that most religions were, at one time or another, against education—they know that people who think for themselves are harder to control. I remember going to church in Ireland in the 80s, and the priest explained that people should not send their kids to university because then they start to question God. And few people raised an eyebrow(and neither did I, but didn’t give a shit what the old fart said because I only went to Church to buy comics afterwards).

So then, God is a surrogate for whatever leader comes along and claims to do things in his name. Leaders take this fear and respect and transfer it to themselves. To this very day the more brutal the leader, the more he claims to do things because God wants him to (communist countries aside, where the leader tend to become Gods themselves).

Great, now I’ve solved one of the great mysteries, I can sleep easy. And I must say that I am very glad to live in a society where I can simply go online and voice my opinion in this way without fear of getting arrested by the secret police and having my fingernails extracted with a pliers. But then again, Sweden is a secular society, and that is definitely one of the best things about it.


Figure 1 – From http://www.atheists-online.com

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6 thoughts on “Why God Exists

  1. I know the popular conspiracy theory angle is religion was created to provide rulers with power. But there’s always been leaders. I think it has something to do with story-telling and the power that gives you. As a storyteller by trade, I have studied the craft of story contruction. It’s all about what people want to hear, what they feel fulfilled by, what moves them and how best to contruct a story which feeds their emotional needs.

    Even now, people struggle to tell the difference between a story and reality. How many times do we see a crowd whipped into anger by a bit of gossip? If the gossip seems to fit what people want to think of a person, that crowd won’t give a shit if it’s true or not.

  2. Science is too complicated for a lot of people to understand…they mistrust and misunderstand it…The God concept is a far easier theory to grasp and supposedly gives purpose and moral direction. It is also one of those passed on core beliefs that once installed onto an individuals hard drive is almost impossible to erase and is usually only altered slowly and painfully over long periods of time. I think Douglas Adams had it right when he wrote…

    “Isnt it enough to see a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    Religions worldwide have this garden of ours in an unholy mess…God damn them all to hell!!!!

  3. I may be a committed atheist and consider that religion may be the root of all evil (don’t know who said that first), but consider this…

    Computing power is doubling every 18 months and halving in size. based on this at some point in the future, computing power will be completely incomprehensible to humans. Some propose this will happen in 2029. A virtual world created and controlled with this technology could be so efficient that a human could not distinguish it from reality. The human brain could not determine or understand this virtual world, how it came about, or who or what controlled it. This would be an environment containing humans, created and controlled by a superior entity….

  4. u know the problem with u secular country dicks is that u think just because u cant prove that god does exist …he therefore doesnt exist…….there are only probably 5 people in the world that can prove the theory of relativity …so i suppose according to you it doesnt exist …….fucking wanker ….

  5. jo: You pisshead. Relativity? Don’t make me laugh. Relativity is easy – every physics major learns it. Millions of people understand it. You are as thick as a retarded pig. You don’t know a damned thing about anything. Not a thing.

    Relativity can be proven. God can’t. If you want me to believe in your “god” then prove it to me and stop acting like a spoilt 3-year old. Now fuck off and learn to spell. And to think.

  6. What are you guys talking about? You cannot prove anything exists. For all we know, we could be living inside a simulated reality where the programmers are nothing like ourselves. Perhaps in this “supposed world we live in,” we may prove certain entities like Jesus really did die on the cross. But we don’t know if these religious figures exist outside of our environment.

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